Monday, May 17, 2010

Rewrites or "What do mean the first draft isn't perfect?"

I got some notes on my script, "A Happy Reunion" and while they were exactly what I needed, they are still hard to hear or read in some cases. In particular, the script lacks dramatic tension. Most of the conflict that rises is solved too quickly usually within the same scene. I knew this was a problem but I'm not sure how to fix it.

I've never really done much rewriting other than editing spelling and grammar before so this whole thing is sort of new to me. It isn't easy but like one of my commenter said, "If this was easy then everyone would do it."

I'm slowly picking away at things but it is still hard not to be discouraged by learning things need work.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Musings on Writing

So yesterday morning I was trying to go to sleep after the husband's alarm went off at 5AM, I started thinking - more specifically solving plot problems. I solved the issue that I had given up on months ago with my spec Leverage episode. I had so many problems that I just shelved the project so why did I sudenly solve the problem? I have no idea. I have put the solution into practice yet but I will when I finish this post. Not only did I solve the Leverage problem but I mapped out the last act of the current Rom-Com (and no it isn't one of the three I listed on this blog earlier this year.)

Speeking of those- I finished "A Happy Reunion", at least enough to enter it in to contests. I entered it into the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competion, The AAA Contest run by Creative Screenwriting Magazine, and the Nicholl Fellowship. I should hear back from those between August and October.

I also entered the CyberSpace Open run by Creative Screenwriting Magazine. That was a fun little contest. They sent out a scene premise at 5pm Friday and a 3 to 5 page scene had to be uploaded by 9am Monday. I managed to upload by 9pm Sunday night only to discover two little mistakes a couple hours latter. I expect to hear the results from this round late next week or early the week after.

It was this scene that prompted the new Rom-Com "You Belong With Me". I had so much fun writing the one scene that the whole plot popped into my head and now, three weeks latter, I have 65 pages written with a good idea of where the next 25-30 pages are going to go.

Of course the general productive nature of my writing has been inproved in the month of April by the annual Script Frenzy challenge. I wrote my 100 pages with 56 from "You Belong With Me" and the rest broken up between unfished Spec TV episodes- one of which is an original pilot.