Sunday, January 17, 2010

The list of in progress projects

So no progress on any quests in the last 8 days. I have been sick. Now I'm almost well with the exception of an extremely scratched throat from all the coughing. So my thoughts turn back to writing. I want to write but am unsure of exactly what.

My currents projects:

Untitled Rom-Com 1- This is the wish fullfillment rom-com that pokes at all the things wrong with the way women are portrayed in movies. Set in Portland and some of the characters bear more than a passing resemblance to me, the husband unit, and my BFF. It currently is 51 pages long.

An Exposition of Irony- The President William McKinley bio-pic about the 1901 Pan American Exposition where McKinley died. This was a project I was working on last year but stopped because while the subject fascinates me, I couldn't (and still can't) answer the basic plot question of "What does McKinley want?". I have to answer that in order to find the way to put stumbling blocks in his way to make a plot. otherwise it is more documentary than drama. (I could answer the plot questions from the asassin's point of view but that would make him the protaginist but I don't want to go there.) Currently it runs 23 pages

Siskiyou Pines- The traditional western that is more or less complete but could use a good polish. It's the story of a new widdow trying to hang on to the ranch and her family. 90 Pages.

A Happy Reunion- The more or less completed Rom-Com about a couple of high school friends who got drunk and married at the 15 year reunion in Vegas. It needs good polish and some more snappy dialouge. Currently 95 pages.

Untitled Rom-Com 2- This is set in Porltand about a pair of Yuppies who have been married for about 10 nearly break apart over a missunderstanding. Currently 34 pages.

Anyway those are just the original features I'm in the middle of. I also have a Leverage spec episode and one for Chuck that I'm working on.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quest #2 progress

So pursuant to Quest #2 - The quest for an agent- I'm working on revising A Happy Reunion. This is the completed Romantic Comedy (or RomCom as the industry calls them), as opposed to the 2 uncompleted RomComs.

Anyway the consensus of my writer's group is that I fail in the Comedy part of RomCom. So how to punch it up? I really want it to be funny and not turn it into a drama as one person suggested. (They also suggested I focus more on a minor plot point of a minor character but I think that was because that plot point struck a little too close to home for them.)

So how to make it funnier without just adding a lot of jokes? I need to make the dialouge snappier and wittier. The other thing is I need to round out my characters more. They are too one diminsional. I also got the critisism that I have little conflict and what I have is resolved too neatly. (This is one of my problems with the Twilight books and I hide my head in shame that I have fallen into that trope.)